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About us


Situated in North London. We are a company which produces high-quality professional music.revone-lable

Recording in the main studios from London to Jamaica, also filming  photography and event management. All areas have specialist experts who will offer assistance to produce high-class results. By using RevOne, our experts will offer planning expertise, aims with flexibility to work around the client in order to have an effective quality end product. Communication is key to us and your success. Our agents work directly with our clients to have a tremendously friendly and productive relationship.

Originally born through the inspiration and love for reggae music in all formats. Mainstream reggae clubs all over the country. And not forgetting the blues dances and sound system clashes (who ever had the crowd was the winner)..and real soul music.

Revolutionaries Sound System established 1977 founder Trevor Stewart with members brother D. Stewart alias (AsherD). Ansell and Carlie Miller. Lloyd and Micheal Woodstock. Oliver Mcintyre alias (Doc Green). Terence weeks alias (Issack natural). Ron Jackman alias (Flabber) Hughy Souherland alias (Jah youth) 2005 stated recording and producing under the RevOne label.

Music Recording

Music recording is our main priority although there have been a lot of changes in the industry we stay with all the technological changes and advancement  from vinyl productions witch are still being  produced to online music downloads shopping.

our main objective is to keep up the good standards of word sounds and power set by the great messengers before us.for the best in production and quality. All thanks to stingray studios. Robin hood studio.ilabsh music Jamaica.. survival house recording studios. Jamaica. music works jam Teams music …filming projects are to be finalised negotiated…(under construction) also invests and works closely with up-and-coming independent film producers. “We believe that there is no challenge which is impossible to overcome”

RevOne Music,, RevOne Films, are officially affiliated with RevOne Enterprises Ltd.

RevOne is a multimedia entertainment UK company.


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